The Opportunity

Following the implementation of a legionella control and water treatment monitoring programme at a large dairy, adi Environmental were asked to quote to replace all dosing equipment for the cooling tower systems onsite. Historically site have had difficulty keeping chemical stocks at adequate levels.

Due to the location of the cooling towers, moving chemicals around site in bulk, and transferring them to local storage posed manual handling and chemical exposure risks. The dosing equipment was old and utilised very out of date technology. Microbial and corrosion control was difficult to maintain.

The Solution

Each system was surveyed by adi Environmental. We proposed utilising solid chemicals dosed locally to each system, fully automated application of oxidising biocide, conductivity controlled bleed and proportional inhibitor dosing. We standardised all equipment so each system used the same probes, bleed valves, controllers and pumps.

The customer liked the equipment so much, they committed to admitting spare parts into their engineering stores to minimise repair/replacement as and when required.

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The Benefits

  • No exposure or manual handling risk from cooling tower chemical transfer or movement for site engineers
  • Easy to change 5kg tubs
  • More chemical storage space onsite
  • More consistent and accurate control
  • Exportable trend graphs
  • Automated dosing and bleed
  • Spares to reduce downtime
  • Slight cost saving based on fewer deliveries and more efficient dosing
  • Standard equipment throughout site
  • Less maintenance required
  • Easy to maintain
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