The Opportunity

Nestlé Halifax was a new customer for aid Process Pipework, when it successfully tendered to install a new autonomous CIP caustic pipe cleaning process to replace the old manual one. This was based on their reputation for quality process pipework design and installation, coupled with their knowledge and track record within the food manufacturing industry.

The Solution

Over a four month period (December 2015 to March 2016), adi Process Pipework installed 5 pumps, 60 valves, modified 11 existing tanks, along with the compressed airlines to 4 valve blocks. 360 metres of pipework were manufactured in approximately 6m lengths at adi Process Pipework’s manufacturing facility in Frome, Somerset and transported to site for installation.

The new CIP system required adi Process Pipework to design and replace the original manual caustic cleaning system with a more efficient, modern and hazard free autonomous process, which is far more cost effective. The new system needs fewer hours to clean the pipework, resulting in the production facility being back to manufacture more quickly.

The work was planned around three scheduled shutdowns, in partnership with Nestlé Operations team, ensuring that there were no unplanned production interruptions during the installation. As a result of delighting the customer with the quality of the CIP installation, a further work package to install a replacement glycol system was placed with adi Process Pipework. This work involved changing a UPVC pipe system with a stainless steel one, which is both more efficient and far safer operationally.



The Benefits

  • Significant man-hour savings with the new CIP installation upgrade solution.
  • Utilises our dedicated specialist pipework manufacturing facility in Frome, Somerset.
  • Close collaborative working relationships with the customer’s operations team, based on a “can do” attitude from the aid team.
  • Project timescales achieved in a timely manner.
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Nestlé UK & Ireland is a subsidiary of Nestlé SA, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Within the UK and Irish food industry, it employs 8,000 employees across 23 sites. The Halifax site is the home of well-known brands such as Quality Street, After Eight and chocolate Easter Eggs. It employs up to 1000 people at times of peak production.



Pumps installed



Valves installed



Existing tanks modified

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