Integrated Facilities Solutions

An effective facilities solution provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any business.                                                        

Under conventional TFM arrangements it is common place that the responsibility and therefore the risks associated with managing and providing services for a facility are placed in the hands of a single provider. This method of service delivery has an equal measure of both proponents and opponents. 

At adi we believe the word risk conjures up a negative image of failure and danger, which lends itself to potentially misrepresenting what can be a long and rewarding partnership for owner, end-user and service provider. 

We prefer to view a project as a shared opportunity and focus on building a shared purpose and common objectives. To support total integrated facilities solutions, we have developed a unique modular approach to facilities and in-direct solutions, which allows you to ‘plug and play, a range of over 150 hard and soft support services and functions.  

The modules cover the seven key areas of facilities support to include:

  • Buildings and estate management  
  • Health, safety, environment and welfare 
  • Electrical services 
  • Fire systems 
  • Mechanical services 
  • Utilities support 
  • Procurement and inventory management 

By adopting our approach we can build the ‘big picture’ together and piece by piece, over a period of time through proven auditable performance measures, we achieve your long term objectives.

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