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Compliance & Safety Focused

adi will ensure your plant and equipment is not only compliant to current legislation, but safe to perform and function as per the manufacturer intended. 

We can offer a free desk-top engineering gap analysis to assess your current compliance level, with the focus on three main areas of compliance:

  • Legislative &/or statutory requirements (regulations, acts, laws, etc)
  • Industry or association codes of practice
  • Recognised best or good practice

The gap analysis provides a high level overview of systems that are non-compliant and enable us to help you develop a plan to ensure any outstanding requirements are addressed. By working together we can ensure the systems are safe, efficient, reliable and that any inherent risk is adequately mitigated and controlled. 

We provide qualified and competent persons to carry out mechanical and electrical test and inspection, to work with your insurance inspectors and to review documentation and assessments, ensuring plant and equipment is fully compliant.

Many tests, periodic inspections and maintenance activities are enforceable by Law, so a robust compliance management system must capture requirements in: 

  • Pressure systems
  • Electrical systems and electricity at work 
  • Legionella L8
  • Boiler operation and inspections
  • Lifting operations and lifting equipment 
  • Fire and life systems 
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Asbestos management 
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Provision and use of work equipment
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