The Opportunity

When our client approached us in the new year, they had a particular requirement that they wanted us to help them with. Our client is entrusted with the management of multiple site across the Midlands by numerous investors and organisations, and in turn, they entrusted adi Fire & Security Limited to help them resolve their problem.

Following the events of 2020, changes and restructuring was needed at a particular office block in the middle of an East Midlands City Centre.

Once a busy and vibrant office block, incorporating several businesses - one of which being a local government agency with hundreds of users on a daily basis - the building along with many others, was transposed into a desolate space overnight. It was soon apparent, that this once busy space, was now an exposed space leading out on to a busy high street and vulnerable to loitering and vandalism. We needed to find a way to protect the building without compromising the freedom of visitors and users of the building alike

The Solution

The solution was a remotely monitored Dahua IP CCTV system incorporating the latest deep learning NVR Algorithms and AI (artificial intelligence) technology. 

By configuring the system and setting up intrusion zones, we were able to use CCTV AI Deep learning algorithms to determine 'Friend or Foe', which in turn would trigger an alarm through to the Remote Monitoring Centre, who have the facility to talk back to site using installed speakers and an audio link and interrogate, warn or assist people within the reception area of the building.

cctv camera


The Benefits

The team at adi Fire & Security Limited further expanded the system to include a 'Help Point' intercom system, whereby visitors to the building can now press a call button to initiate a conversation between themselves and the remote monitoring station. 

2020 has seen many changes in many business and commercial environments. Here, the requirement for a permanent reception concierge was no longer required and personnel were able to be reassigned to other location where they could be utilised more effectively resulting in a considerable building management cost saving.

Along with this, future developments and application will be to add surveillance and sensors to areas within the building housing plant and BMS systems to assist in the monitoring of such systems and providing 24 hour coverage of essential systems.


So far, I’m happy to say, other than the occasional late worker and lost delivery driver, the rare audio interception has proved enough to deter the occasional unscrupulous visitor.

East Midlands Commercial Office Space

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Our client is a commercial property management company working with properties across the UK, but in particular, the East MIdlands.

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