The Opportunity

Following an initial review of the paint shop facility, it was apparent that significant savings could be made with the installation of energy efficient lighting and optimisation of the controls. The business operate 24 hours a day taking in multiple models from the different production lines and outputting fully painted bodies, some of the areas have high volumes of personnel, some are automated and have very little footfall, other areas are a mix of the two. 

The team at adi were given the opportunity to come up with a workable solution that could be installed around production and provide an ROI of less than two years.

The Solution

Working with a the lighting manufacturer and the client's production team, adi was able to complete a full lighting design consisting of high efficiency LED luminaires and smart controls to ensure the most economical operational running costs, by including the manufacturing and production teams in the design process we were able to ensure the design works for the Client and maximises the savings that can be made. Within the ROI requirement adi was able to add a complete new emergency lighting package above and beyond the original scope of the project thanks to anticipated savings in excess of 76% of the current running costs. 

Working as Principal Designed and Principle Contractor under CDM, in co-ordination with production, maintenance and engineering teams, adi was able to create pockets of work in areas to allow the installations to take place safely, with work in high personnel areas carried out during shutdown periods.

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The Outcome

Pre and post installation energy monitoring formed part of the scope and the results exceeded all expectations despite increases in vehicle production outputs.

Energy savings achieved 86% savings from the previously recorded levels providing a saving on the operational expenditure of nearly £300K per annum with corresponding drop in CO2.


The project completed by adi exceeded all of our expectations, their quality of work, the application of the design and the flexibility of the workforce operating in a challenging live paint facility were second to none and the increase in ROI is a huge benefit to the business.

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Energy savings

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Annual savings on expenditure

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