The Opportunity

A COMAH tier 1 site approached adi WPC to help them develop a robust water pollution containment strategy.

The Solution

We undertook a full flood mapping assessment which included using local area geography and flood modelling tools to create scenarios based on different spill, rainfall and flood events. From this, we created a clear picture of what would happen on-site in terms of water flow paths and pooling, so that we could identify key areas of risk.

From these key risk factors we were then able to come up with the best-combined pollution containment design to protect the entire site which included:

  • Automated control
  • Reduced number of toggle valves
  • Use of strategic flood barriers for doorways
  • Tertiary containment walls and kerbing
  • Integration into site BMS
flood mapping


The Benefits

By adopting this approach we could design on the technical data and modelling, so that meant less valves and the use of non-intrusive of containment complementing the sites existing infrastructure, saving money.

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Spill assessment

Using our specialist tools and techniques we can design the best system for any type of site based on key risk factors


Competitive solutions

We won't sell you anything you don't need. After a proper assessment we can advise if you have the suitable level of existing tertiary containment, or require more and we will only look to add drain valves where absolutely necessary

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Talk to us

Contact us today and we can discuss your project needs.
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