Air Hygiene Services

  • Air analysis and air assessments 
  • Air hygiene services including; indoor air quality and thermal comfort assessment, air hygiene (air conveyance and ventilation systems), survey, clean room survey and monitoring, consultancy and advisory service, bespoke complaint investigations 
  • Indoor air quality testing 
  • Site surveys - to identify filters, fire dampers and measure ductwork to be cleaned, etc 
  • Supply / fitting / disposal options 
  • Particulate filters 
  • Activated carbon filters 
  • Spray booth and other filter media and holding frames 
  • Kitchen baffles / grease mesh filters 
  • Drive Belts 
  • Bespoke / non-standard panel filter manufacture 
  • Ventilation duct cleaning (to DW/144) 
  • Kitchen extract cleaning (to DW/172) 
  • AHU and coil cleaning / replacement 
  • Deposit depth checking 
  • Fire and smoke damper testing (to BS9999-2017) 
  • Technical backup 
  • LEV testing (COSHH 2002) 
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